Hi. My name is Thomas Borowski. I'm a web developer/designer and Shopify Expert and this is my personal site. If you speak German and need help with your Shopify store, head over to my business site. If you're more interested in books, movies, TV shows, gaming and general nerdiness, read on.

If you like reading, you might want to check out my books page, which lists the books I'm currently reading and links to microreviews of some of those I've read. There's also a page for those of you who are into movies and/or TV shows. Finally, check out the playing page to see what games I'm interested in.

I don't have a Facebook account and I've quit using Twitter. But I dare you to be old school and send me an email.

This Site

thomasborowski.me is hosted at Linode. I write posts in Markdown using Atom on macOS and Linux and Editorial on iOS. The posts are automatically synced to the Linode server with Dropbox. The site is generated on the server using the Pelican static site generator.


I sometimes write reviews, tutorials and general articles that may contain links to products and services. In some cases these links are affiliate links, meaning that if you click such a link and purchase a product or service from the site the link leads to (e.g. Amazon.com), I may receive a commission.

I do not, however, publish articles for the mere purpose of filling them with affiliate links. Affiliate links are not paid endorsements and they’re not necessarily a recommendation. They’re just a way of saying: “Here’s this thing I mentioned in my article and if you decide to buy it I’ll make a couple of bucks.” These commissions are a compensation from the merchant to me for sending visitors his way. You don’t pay a cent more for any product or service by clicking an affiliate link.

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